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When you really think about it, you spend a lot of time in your car, which is why it is so important to focus carefully on creating a beautiful, open space. About three months ago, I realized that I needed to do something to personalize my space, so I started investing a lot of time and energy into making my vehicle more homey. I started going through and retrofitting different things, and it made a big difference. Before I knew it, I was able to see myself in my car's interior decor, and it made me feel more at home on the way to work. Check out this blog for more information.


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Can You Tow A Car Without The Keys?

When you lose your car keys or lock them inside your car, you won't be able to drive the vehicle until you have a set of keys to use. What do you do if your car breaks down with the keys locked inside? Is there any way to tow a car without the keys? A towing company generally puts a car in neutral when towing it, as this allows the tires to move freely. Without access to the car's interior, what can they do?

The Challenges a Towing Company Faces without Access to the Keys​

A regular tow truck connects the car to their truck when they assist with towing. The driver puts the car in neutral to ensure that it follows along with no tension or pressure. You can't pull a vehicle if it's in "Park." If your car's unlocked, the driver could probably put it in neutral without the key, which solves the problem.

You could lock your keys in your car by accident, which might lead to this problem. But, you might also get stranded somewhere and have someone pick you up, leaving your car behind. These are some of the reasons that lead to people wondering if a tow truck can pull a car without the keys.

The Alternative Ways to Tow the Car without Accessing the Interior​

Luckily, some towing companies use dollies to transport vehicles, and you can ask when you call. Dollies lift a vehicle off the ground, and a tow truck can use these if they don't have the car keys. Towing companies also place vehicles on trailers when they can't put them into neutral because they don't have the keys.

Consider how towing companies pick up repossessed vehicles. Rarely do they have the keys to these vehicles, yet they tow them to the dealerships when needed. A tow truck driver can use the same techniques to tow your car.

Don’t Try Towing It Yourself​

Even if you have access to a tow truck, you shouldn't attempt to tow your vehicle if you can't access the car's interior because you don't have the keys. A professional towing company can pull your vehicle without the keys if you give them a call and your car's location. You can wait with your car for the driver to arrive or leave your car behind, but you should tell the driver which option you choose before they come to help you. 

For more information, contact a towing service company near you.